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Make Me Laugh!

Make Me Laugh - This page, it is hoped, will make your day a little more bearable. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, so relax your face, have a read and see if we can cheer you up!

Often we get down, but one of us does something stupid, which leads to rounds of laughter and the day seems instantly better. Our two year old's favourite trick is to run round the house completely naked other than wearing a pair of pull up pants on his head - no you can't see a photo!

Sometimes, moments can be unintentionally funny, but become a classic comedy moment. An example of this was when my wife recently, after a large meal, stood up and said "I've got a full tummy!" Why is this funny you say, it's a pretty normal statement and you've probably even said it yourself. However, you probably weren't seven months pregnant at the time! Can you imagine how long we laughed over that unintentional jest?

Who are you calling a big baby?

It's good to put all of these moments down on paper, as you never know they might just put a smile on someone's face and brighten up their day. That's where we come in, we will try to make you laugh. Here are a few pages that we hope will cheer you up:

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Did we succeed or did we fail? You can always email us.

Would you like to look around more of this site, if so take a look at the site index as there's plenty more to see! Make Me laugh will be added to as often as we can. If you want to bookmark this page you can, as we don't remove pages and it's possible to deeplink to any page at this site.

As ever, thanks for reading and keep smiling!