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Contact Page

Welcome to the STAMP DEMON contact Page, this is your chance to tell us what's missing!

Infact the reason this page was formed, was because a browser emailed us to say we were difficult to contact!!

This site is only built on a part time basis, of approximately 15-20 hrs per week and as with all hand built websites, it is constantly tweaked and updated. If you feel it needs something adding let us know, we can't promise to please everyone, but we'll do our best.

Stamp Links are always welcome here and we reciprocate all of our Philatelic pals. If you have a stamp site and would like to be added, drop us a line!

Feel free to look around the site, as it's probably larger than you think. If you want assistance navigating the site, try the Category section or alternatively, visit the front page and click on the links in the text or on the left hand side.

We hope you enjoy the site and remember, it costs you nothing to look round. If you've enjoyed looking round tell your friends about us. Bye for now - The STAMP DEMON crew!

Our contact details are below, thank you for your time:

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