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About Us

Hello! My name is Brian Clipsham and this is my website - STAMP DEMON.

Stamp Demon was born after I started a job back in 2005, with an internet company called Zyra Internet. I had never had any previous web design experience and computing was still a relatively new experience to me! I had been self-employed and was looking for something new and exciting and Zyra gave me the chance. I have never had any formal Computing training and also have no Web Design qualifications. My experience, was hands on and I was very fortunate to have a gifted teacher in the form of Zyra.

Zyra gave me the opportunity to develop and build my own internet business, so that one day I would hopefully be able to become Financially Independent. Why did I choose the name Stamp Demon? Well, that is a simple one to answer - I collect stamps and the first imperforate stamps I ever owned were from Van Diemen's Land, which is the old name for Tasmania. I do know quite a lot about stamps, some might consider me a bit of a stamp demon, but I am merely an amateur.

The site has been designed for young and old. I do not pertain to be an authority on stamps, simply a keen amateur. However, I felt that there was a need for a large Stamp resource centre, so that Philatelists such as myself could find decent sites to buy and sell on. When surfing the net it is all too easy to become lost in the mass of Philatelic sites and a struggle to find the sites you are really looking for.

This site brings you a diverse range of contacts in our wonderful world of Stamp Collecting!

In addition, the area I specialise in is World stamps pre 1940. Therefore, what little knowledge I have gained in this area will be passed on to you! I will in the future, provide a list of Old World Countries and by text/illustration I hope to help you identify your stamps. I used to have stamps for sale at the STAMP DEMON stamp Shop!, but that has now closed and I sell my stamps elsewhere.

We also have a Clubs and Societies page. This will put you in contact with fellow collectors in your area.

However, there is more to life than Stamps, hard to believe I know! We do not all sit indoors peering over our pricing catalogues. Infact, many of us only collect in the very few hours of spare time that we have!! As "free-time" is short, many of us are now shopping online and have realised that there are better bargains to be had on the internet.

Therefore, I aim to supply a diverse range of links/contacts for a whole manner of products and companies. The reason for this is twofold as it not only helps you find the bargains, but the companies (not yourselves!) will pay me to do so. That is how I am able to run this site, with the exception of the items I have for sale and private advertisers.

I have an extensive Site Index, which you can use to navigate this site. However, if you look at my Home Page, I have simplified the process for you, by providing a Site Map with links to most of the areas of this site.

Please feel free to browse around the site, as there will be many interesting articles to be found. There is a lot more to this site than stamps, infact from Online Shopping Catalogues to Home and Garden products, I never really know what you are likely to find!

I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for visiting - STAMP DEMON!

Brian Clipsham

Stamp Demon