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STAMP DEMON Tales - A collection of weird and wonderful stories, advice, curiosities and the like.

If you have no sense of humour, do not find things amusing and would rather sit at home or in the office with a long face, then this is not the page for you.

We apologise beforehand if you do not find these pieces of literature funny, however they have raised a smile with friends and relatives in the past. Certain articles are not really intended to be funny, but have been told in a humerous way to get the point accross - we find it very difficult to take life too seriously!

Ginger and Proud

The Russel Hoojah Company

Bugs Bunny's Alarm Clock

The Accident at the Convent Guest House

The 3.00am Toe Biter

Disposable Daddy

2007 Was A Bad Year!

The Indoor Swimming Pool that wasn't planned

Don't Give Up!

I once ate a whole Walls Viennetta

There was an earthquake in our county!

World's Worst Search Engine!

Setting up a low cost business

Cut out the Middle Man

You're never too old to learn New Skills

Rennovating a Period Property

There's no such thing as a Five Minute Job!