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Ginger and Proud

STAMP DEMON is Ginger and Proud. This site was designed and constructed by some one who has Ginger hair and is proud of it. I have never wanted to dye my hair or have ever wanted to change its colour, because it's different. When you're Ginger you stand out and that is why we get noticed.

Ginger and Proud taken by Zyra

Some may call us Auburn, others Redheads. We can be called Carrot Tops, Copper Knobs or Duracells, but why is this? It's simple they're jealous, because they are ordinary and normal!! Ginger hair is caused by a freak gene, wouldn't you rather be freaky than dull?

Let's take a little time to scrutinise our nicknames:

Carrot Top - This shows a lack of intelligence in our lesser humans, as the last time I checked carrot tops they were green!!(Try calling them Mousey Tops - considering most of the British population have mosey hair, as Doug suggests. They will soon get bored!)

Auburn - No, sorry, nice try, but I'm Ginger!

Duracell - Quite a good one, after all Duracells last longer and we've been leading the way for centuries! So although intended as an insult, it's a compliment!!

Copper Knob - To save confusion over this one, read knob as head! Another curious example of British Slang!! Copper, well that's really another compliment, as copper is a very versatile metal. It has all sorts of useful applications. Therefore, nice attempt but no cigar!

Redhead - My personal favourite, if I can't be Ginger I'll settle for being a redhead. Infact, I'm pretty happy to be regarded as either. The term redhead is centuries old and pays tribute to our longevity - I'd rather be red than dead! Being a redhead has many advantages:

If we had black hair, we'd be a blackhead - a teenage pimple, no thanks!

White hair leads to whitehead - another type of skin imperfection, no fear!!

Blonde hair would make us a yellowhead - a disgusting spot that's full of gunk, definately not!!!

Finally, brown hair would make us a brownhead - we don't even want to go there!!!!

We're tasty as well! There's Chocolate Ginger and crystallised Ginger. If you prefer cakes there's always Gingerbread, Ginger Cake, or Ginger Nuts. If you want to liven up your own cookery you can always add a little Ginger!!

Unfortunately, brunette cake isn't available. White bread doesn't taste as nice. Crystallised grey sounds positively unpleasant. Chocolate black doesn't make sense and we have no desire to try blonde nuts!

Now for all those normal people out there, here's how we Gingers can help. You see, you need us to make your hair colours more interesting and exotic sounding:

Blonde isn't a great colour and carries all sorts of baggage with its association. However, add a little Ginger to your colour and what do you get? Strawberry Blonde, now that sounds better!

Brown is rather dull, infact it's almost as bad as black. Do not despair though as a generous sprinkling of Ginger and you become Chestnut Brown. You see even people with brown hair can be interesting!

White haired wonders can become youthful once more with a Ginger rinse!

If you are going grey add a little Ginger dye and you can become a bronze mettalic colour. Certainly different.

I'm sorry to say that there is a lost cause out there and you have my sympathy - black hair! Well, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for you. Try as we may you are the commonest colour around and that's all there is to it. If you were cats, mixed with a little white, we could make you Tortoise Shell, but you're not so there it is!

If you have seen the light and would like to become Ginger, why not try the STAMP DEMON shopping centre and see if you can find any Ginger Dye! Alternatively, visit the Zyra site and find out exactly where to buy hair dye.

NEWSFLASH: Smart Beauty have contacted us and we are informed (not bribed) that there is salvation for all other boring hair types! If you visit Beauty Section, you can take that bag off your head and have an interesting hair colour as well!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It has come to our attention that people are being given a hard time for being Ginger, due to ignorance or plain jealousy. If you are not Ginger and you have a problem with Gingers or think it's smart to try and knock us down - BELT UP! There are more Gingers than ever before, you have been warned!

Finally, if you've got Ginger hair and you've dyed it - wake up! Don't follow the sheep, lead them. You're a Ginger Ninja - Be Ginger Be Proud!

One thing we forgot to mention and thanks to Larry for pointing this out! No other hair colour has so many websites dedicated to them and also have had more mention in the news and in scientific studies, than any ordinary colour!!

My fellow Gingers, help support this site, if you like this page link to us or tell your friends about it! Please look around this site by looking at the site index. Don't forget this site is a specialist for Shopping, Insurance, Finance and believe it or not Philately. You only get that sort of diversity from a Ginger!!

UPDATE 2007/05/08: This page and the whole site have been dropped by Google! This is a scandal and another example of Google trying to censor your viewing! If you care about your fredom to surf, complain to Google about our missing site and get this site reinstated!! Alternatively, link to our front page and help stop corporate bodies trying to make our minds up, about what we'd like to see online.

This page is Pro-Ginger and not meant to offend, poor souls who are not lucky enough to be Ginger. What is offensive is the bullying of people because they have Ginger hair. If you have been a victim of anti-Ginger sentiments, realise this - people who haven't got Ginger hair have a problem not you. It's great to be Ginger - I wouldn't want to be any other colour, as life would be far too boring!

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