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Disposable Daddy

Sadly, our goldfish died, we didn't have pet insurance, so he had a lavatorial burial. How do you explain this to your three year old son? Well Mummy told our son Alex, that the goldfish had got old, so he had died. However, never mind we could go to the shop and buy a new one.

Last Sunday, I was gardening with my three year old son Alex and I could see him puzzling over something, this is how the conversation went as we raked over the vegetable patch:

Alex: "Daddy?"

Daddy: "Yes Alex."

Alex: "Can we get a doggy one day?"

Daddy: "Well, we can, but we have Gus cat and we hope he's going to live a few more years yet!"

Alex: "But he is a bit old and when you get old you die!"

Daddy: "Yes, that's true. When Gussy dies we will get a doggy."

We then continued our gardening for a few more minutes and then I thought I would ask a question:

Daddy: "Alex, Daddy is getting quite old, do you think Daddy will die?"

Alex: "Yes, but we can buy another Daddy!"

So, there you have it. I'm a disposable Daddy. Never mind, at least I can die happily in the knowledge that when I'm gone, I can be easily replaced with a newer model from the Daddy Shop! Maybe they'll try Dads R Us!!

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