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Toys R Us

We are delighted to feature Toys R Us at STAMP DEMON. Years ago my first full time job was in management with TRU. Now we have children, we always have to call in to the Lincoln Store to look at the Babies R Us section and our eldest always wants to look at the toys!

Toys R Us:Toys R Us

"In 1948, 25-year-old Charles Lazarus turned his dream of creating a child-oriented business into a reality. A visionary for his time, Lazarus started a baby furniture store, Children's Bargain Town, in Washington, D.C. to cater to the post-war baby boom era. Lazarus filled his store with cribs and baby furniture and ran it single-handedly, overseeing everything from keeping the books to delivering merchandise in customers' homes.

Although quite successful with his baby furniture venture, his customers were constantly inquiring about toys for both infants and older children. After months of listening to customer requests, Lazarus finally acquiesced and began selling toys. The first toy he added to the inventory was a cradle gym. When it proved a strong seller, he added tricycles, books and other toys. Charles learned early on in the toy business that, unlike furniture, toys broke or fell out of fashion with children, prompting parents to return to the store again and again.

Almost ten years later, Charles adopted the supermarket model for his store, which allowed customers to examine and pick out products on their own and pay for them at a checkout stand. With the opening of his second store, he settled on the name Toys "R" Us with a backward "R." Although the name drew ire from parents and teachers alike for its grammatical incorrectness, Lazarus knew it was an attention-getter.

Babies R Us

With a story as unique and exceptional as the customers that have shopped with us for the past 60 years, Toys "R" Us has solidified its position as THE toy authority by becoming the preeminent place for the hottest toy launches and most in demand toys. And, with the company's foray into the baby products market, Babies "R" Us has become the quintessential source for everything new and expectant moms need when preparing for baby's arrival, setting up a nursery, traveling with a newborn and baby safety. - the direct channel for Britain's largest toys, baby care and family leisure megastore.

5000 products including many exclusive on-line ranges and offers Standard, next day and Saturday delivery available on most products."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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