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Many thanks to Zyra Internet without their help our dream of a site would not have become a reality.

I am a web designer, trained by Zyra and through guidance was able to construct this site after two months of employment with Zyra Internet.

The site bears some resemblence to Zyra's Web Site and this is not by coincidence, as Zyra granted permission for this to happen - squeal on us at your own peril!

If you haven't seen Zyra's Web Directory yet, you are missing a treat it introduces you to the weird and wonderful world of Zyra, where anything can happen and usually does!

There are all sorts of interesting facts and pieces of fiction (You alone can judge what is true!). The site is well worth a visit.

However, be warned the site is enormous and would take you a week to visit it all. It is seriously addictive and cannot seriously damage your health!

Thanks again Zyra and don't forget our postcard from the Tax-Haven.

ZYRA's website