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4 Foot Gator!

It's remarkable how the most innocent of comments, can often be one of the funniest things that you've heard in a long time! This page was created after a conversation with my good friend Zyra.

At the presnt time Zyra is in a much hotter place than the UK - Panama! This is hopefully, the last exploration of the world's Tax Havens for Zyra. If you would like to read about Zyra's findings, visit Zyra's Tax Havens page.

Back to the story. While Zyra was looking at property to buy, a property was found where the owner would be able to step out of their garden and take a plunge in one of Panama's lakes. This sounded great, so enthusiastically Zyra asked the owner if you could indeed take a swim in the said lake.

The owner turned to Zyra and in all seriousness replied, "Yes you can as the alligators are only four foot long!"

That is the honest truth, such was the reply that Zyra received.

If you have an enquiring mind like myself, this reply raises a few questions:

How does the owner know that all of the alligators are only four feet long?

How dangerous if a four foot alligator?

Do all alligators in Panama only grow to four feet?

I've seen a few wildlife programs in my time and don't alligators grow bigger after they've eaten a few kilos of fish?

Would you really go swimming in a lake with alligators of any size?

How happy would you be if you knew that the property you intended to buy, was bordered by an alligator infested lake?

Did the owner really want to sell the property?

Was this the best selling point that the owner could think of?

Why do you think that house was on the market?

Would you have stuck around and completed the rest of the viewing?

Therefore, you can see the funny side of this response! Needless to say, Zyra did not decide to proceed with the purchase of this property in the tax haven of Panama. However, it still makes myself and Zyra laugh to think of the chap's answer, is honesty always the best policy?

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