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Cyprus As A Tax Haven

Cyprus has a strange fascination for me for various reasons, which I will go into later. Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to move to Cyprus as a tax haven.

As a child I had a favourite uncle, every child has a favourite aunt or uncle who they like to spend time with. In my case it was my Uncle Frank, who was actually my father's cousin. It was like having a second dad and although I loved my father very much, I also thought the world of Uncle Frank!

Uncle Frank taught me a lot. He showed me how to collect stamps and also taught me how to fish, the two hobbies which I continue to this day - although the fishing stopped for a while!

I respected his wisdom and absorbed everything he told me. How is this connected to Cyprus? Simple, Uncle Frank travelled a lot. He regularly went abroad for his holidays, infact every year I can remember was spent in some foreign country. However, the place I remember him visiting the most was Cyprus! He liked nothing more than to book a villa in Cyprus with a pool. I think if he could have done he would have moved there himself.

Therefore, if it appealed to a man I respected so much there must be something special about it!

Another memory is "oranges from Cyprus!" My cousin Freda married Neil, a pilot in the RAF. I cannot remember, I may not have even been born, but what I do know is that fFreda sent my family a crate of oranges from Cyprus. My father never forgot that kind jesture. The oranges apparently tasted so good, that they were the standard against which all oranges were compared. He would eat an orange and then say, "It was nice, but not as good as those oranges that Freda sent us from Cyprus!"

If I moved to Cyprus, maybe I could have my own orange trees - yummy!

Finally, I have looked at Cyprus in the holiday brochures numerous times. I look at the beaches the scenery, the climate the food, everything about it says - visit me! The truth is though, I have never been there. Here I am writing a page about a potential tax haven and I have never been there. I do intend to go, once my two sons are a little older, in the meantime, it's time to do a bit of research to find out a little more about the place.

Hopefully, I'll be able to answer the questions you might have about Cyprus and who knows, maybe I'll bump into you there one day!

The page is currently under construction, but will hopefully discuss the tax, cost of living, property, etc.

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