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The Best Job In The World

What would you consider to be the best job in the world? Everyone has their own reasons for making a choice, but we think we have the answer!

You might think that a doctor has the best job because they save lives. However, if it all goes wrong who do they blame? Too much responsibilty, as it's live or die.

A dentist gets very good pay and helps people feel better about themselves. They repair the damage we do to our teeth, but would you want inhale people's bad breath all day?

A nurse looks after the sick and needy. Sadly, the don't get paid enough for what they do and are all too often made the scapegoat when things don't work out.

Spacemen have fantastic jobs, they see things that most of us will never see. They pilot machines that move quicker, than anything we will ever drive. The downside, you're miles away from home with no oxygen or gravity.

Above are just a sample of the many jobs to choose from. Sadly, they all have their downsides. However, there is one job out there to beat all of the rest:

1) You get fantastic training

2) Get millions of pounds of government investment

3) Play with fantastic gadgets

4) Become a celebrity

5) Often get seen on the telly by millions.

Have you guessed it yet? No, well the answer is a weatherman!

Not convinced. It has to be the best job in the world, as it's the only job I know, where you can get it wrong nearly every day and still get paid!

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