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About This Site

The STAMP DEMON website, it's much more than just a stamp website! Have a read of our information below and then browse around to see what you can find. We hope to have something for everyone, so if it's missing let us know.

Yes, we are fanatical about stamps! There are lots of Philatelic pages, but there is also a dedicated Insurance section with many famous names. We also have a Financial section which are developing at a rapid rate.

Sadly, we can't take life too seriously and we like to write about things that have happened to us in a funny way. Life can be a real pain, but hopefully we'll bring a smile to your face with our STAMP DEMON Tales.

If you want to have a shop why not visit the STAMP DEMON Shopping Centre. It's always good to try some retail therapy, but if we haven't got what you're looking for let us know and we'll see what we can do.

It would take too long to list everything at the site, as we aim to increase the site by about 4-500 pages a year. However, we may make errors or miss things out, so if you have any problem with the site please visit the contact page and drop us an email.

If you have a website we are willing to reciprocate links. Let us know your site's URL and we will have a look at your site. If we can add your site to one of our sections we will place a link to you in an appropriate section and also add your link to our links page. Our link material is available from our Add A Link page.

Last of all we hope you enjoy the site, if this site helps you in any way please let us know. All we ask is that you tell other people about this site, as we are planning on sticking around. Search engines come and go, but STAMP DEMON is here to stay!

Have fun, enjoy yourself and if you're Ginger you'll always have friends here!