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Lee Child

I came accross Lee Child quite by acccident. For months I had been reading books by James Patterson, with the occaisional Patricia Cornwell. I visited a local Car Boot Sale at Baytree Garden Centre and found a stall selling hardbacks at silly prices.

That is how I became the owner of Persuader, Lee Child's seventh book. However, I ought to say Jim Grant's seventh book as Lee Child is his pen name.

SO who is Lee Child? Well, we have already established that his real name is Jim Grant. I am also pleased to say that he is thirteen years older than me, as he was born in 1954, although he does appear to have more hair!

What you may not realise is that he is British and was born in Coventry. Could that be the reason I enjoy his books, as he is a fellow Midlander? Another interesting fact is that he studied law at Sheffield University, this is interesting for me as my eldest sister also studied law at Sheffield.

For those of you who are are as old as me, you will remember Granada Television. Can you remember the television series Brideshead Revisited, The Jewel In The Crown, Prime Suspect and Cracker? You probably may not realise that Jim Grant was working with Granada during that period and was involved with all four of those series.

All of Lee Child's books feature the character Jack Reacher, who is a former US Military Policeman. He is a nomadic figure who wanders from state to state, getting involved in all that the American criminal underworld has to offer and spends his time righting the wrongs they have committed in his own uncompromising style.

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Here are a list of the books written by Lee Child:

Killing Floor

Die Trying


Running Blind

Echo Burning

Without Fail


The Enemy

One Shot

The Hard Way

Bad Luck and Trouble

Nothing To Lose

Gone Tomorrow

Use the above as a checklist, as they are all in chronological order. See if you have time to read them, quicker than Lee Child is at writing them.

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