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Online Bookshops

There are many reasons for buying books online. However, some of these include online exclusives, special offers and online discounts. Often you will find a book cheaper online, sometimes you will get bundle deals with a collection of books by the same author.

If I want to look at a review of a book the first place I look is online. More often than not if I am looking for a more exclusive title, the best place to search is through a bookshop's online catalogue. This can often save you time and money.

Below are a list of online bookshops. Some of the more famous bookshops, also have shops on the High Street. However, we like to encourage online business, so it's worth looking through the lesser known shops as well. They might just have the title you are looking for hidden away in their online catalogue!

Abe BooksAbe Boooks
"AbeBooks is the world's largest online marketplace for books. Whether itís new, second-hand, rare or out-of-print, it can be found here, through our community of over 13,500 independent booksellers from around the globe."

The Book PeopleThe Book People
"The Book People are one of the nations largest (and fast becoming the nation's favourite) supplier of top quality books. There's no obligation to buy, our prices are unbeatable and our service is second to none!"

Red HouseRed House
"Red House is a specialist children's mail order bookshop. All its books are heavily discounted and include the latest bestsellers and has free postage on all orders."

BFC DirectBFC Direct
"From the team behind Books Direct, Books For Children Direct is a new direct retail site offering a wide range of books and boxsets to encourage childrenís natural love of books."

Pick A BookPick A Book
"Pickabook Limited is a company based in the United Kingdom. Today, we offer ten times as many books for sale as we did in 1999, and we offer much lower prices. We also offer unusual books and book-related items such as bath books, rag books, sticker books and leather-bound books."

R BooksR Books
" is more than an online book shop. As part of The Random House Group, one of the largest publishing companies in the UK, we can take you inside the books we sell to find out how our authors dream up the characters and worlds they write about."

"WHSmith Retail has 542 high street stores and 127 travel stores at airport and station locations across the UK, and WHSmith Direct - serving customers on the internet 24 hours a day."

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