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Fictional Characters

Sometimes, it's nice to immerse yourself in a bit of fantasy! Not Soap Operas, as we hate those, but there's often nothing better tham immersing yourself in a good work of fiction. Key to this is a good main character. Many good authors create a character who appears throughout their books. Others have more than one and their books feature each character in alternate titles, normally they never meet.

Below is a list of some of our personal favourites. Are they yours? Many of them we have grown up with, however others have just been discovered. That's the beauty of reading a book, you never know what you'll discover until you open it! It's also good to try something new, only then can you discover what you've been missing.

James Bond

Jack Reacher

Alex Cross

Kay Scarpetta

Harry Callahan

Sherlock Holmes

Hercule Poirot

James Herriot