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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the fictional character who features in the Lee Child Novels. He is the nomadic vigilante who wanders from state to state righting the wrongs of criminals. Reacher is an ex US Miltary Police officer and we know he left the military in the 1990's.

Therefore, we are dealing with a character of our present era. He moves from one state to another with no fixed address and with few or little possessions. He is one of those people who has slipped off the radar, with little or no identification - however, this is not unusual in western countries with high populations such as the US!

Jack Reacher still calls upon his connections in the military from time to time and due to the nature of his assignments, you might be forgiven for wondering just how far he has strayed from the field. The Sunday Telegraph described Jack Reacher as "A hero in the Dirty Harry style", but we tend to disagree - Yes, he often carries a gun and he conducts his investigations in the US, but that is where the similarity ends...

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