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Google Telephone Numbers

We have had problems with Google since we began creating our Website STAMP DEMON. All of this is documented on the page Web's Worst Search Engine. However, we thought that we had finally solved our problems and actually found a telephone number in the UK, so we could find out exactly what their problem was!

Needless to say, while Google likes you to have clarity and transparency on your site, their telephone systems do not follow the same protocols. If I make a telephone call to talk to someone and pay for that call, I expect to talk to someone or at the very least have them call back - it is only polite. My friend Zyra is in communication with Yahoo! and they are more than happy to discuss things. However, this is not always the case with Google as most touch tone options direct you back to the website and we have learned that this is pointless, as they have never returned our emails.

Therefore, when we actually spoke to someone at Google we thought we could settle our differences - wrong! Everyone was in a meeting and we were fobbed off with a voicemail. You guessed it, unsurprisingly, no one returned our call. What Page Rank would we give their customer service department?

In conclusion, we thought you might like to try your luck, to see if the high and mighty Google would like to return your call. You never know you might actually get to talk to a human to discuss your problems!

Below are a list of the global Google telephone numbers. Looking through the list, you can see they have offices scattered pretty much worldwide. Hopefully, we have given all of the numbers for the countries you live in. If there is something that needs adding you can always Contact Us. Good luck, we think you'll need it!


Headquarters phone: 650-253-0000 fax: 650-253-0001 (We tried calling this ourselves, paid for an international call only to be directed back to the website!)

New York Sales & Engineering Office phone: 212-565-0000 fax: 212-565-0001

Ann Arbor Sales Office phone: 734-332-6500 fax: 734-332-6501

Atlanta Sales Office phone: 770-551-8288 fax: 770-551-8179

Boulder Sales & Engineering Office phone: 303-245-0086 fax: 303-245-8562

Cambridge Sales & Engineering Office phone: 617-682-3635 fax: 617-249-0199

Chicago Sales Office phone: 312-840-4100 fax: 312-840-4101

Dallas Sales Office phone: 972-663-9460 fax: 972-663-9462

Denver Sales Office phone: 303-524-1123 fax: 303-265-9912

Detroit Sales Office phone: 248-351-6220 fax: 248-351-6227

Irvine Sales & Engineering Office phone: 949-794-1600 fax: 949-794-1601

Kirkland Sales & Engineering Office phone: 425-739-5600 fax: 425-739-5601

Phoenix Sales & Engineering Office phone: 602-387-5320

Santa Monica Sales & Engineering Office phone: 310-460-4000 fax: 310-309-6840

Seattle Sales Office phone: 206-876-1500 fax: 206-876-1501

United Kingdom

London Sales & Engineering Office phone: +44 (0)20 7031 3000 fax: +44 (0)20 7031 3001 (We tried calling this number and the only option where you might get to talk to someone is option 2)

Manchester Sales Office phone: +44-0161-209-3535 fax: +44-0161-209-3536 (We dialled this number and got to talk to a receptionist, but were put through to voicemail - no one returned our call!)


Sydney Sales & Engineering Office phone: +61 (0)2 9374 4000 fax: +61 (0)2 374 4001

Brazil Office phone: +55-11-3443-6333 fax: +55-11-3443-6374

Canada Sales Office phone: 416-572-2121 fax: 416-352-1981

France Sales Office phone: +33 (0)1 42 68 53 00 fax: +33 (0)1 53 01 08 15

Germany Sales Office phone: +49-40-80-81-79-000 fax: +49-40-4921-9194


Bangalore phone: +91 80-5692-9000 fax: +91 80-5692-9100

Delhi phone: +91 12 4431 1154

Hyderabad phone: +91 40-5537-5000 fax: +91 40-5537-5101

Mumbai phone +91-22 55078700 fax +91-22 55078711

Italy Sales Office phone: +39 02-6203 1000 fax: +39 02-9544 1215

Japan Sales & Engineering Office phone: +81 3-6415-5200 fax: +81 3-6415-5201

Korea Sales Office phone: +82-2-6001-3820 fax: +382-2-6001-3822

Mexico Office phone: +52 (55) 91711615 fax: +52 (55) 91711699

Netherlands Sales Office phone: +011 31-20-799-7640 fax: +011 31-20-524-8150

Norway Engineering Office phone: +47 73 58 60 00 fax: +47 73 58 60 01

Spain Sales Office phone: +34 91-745-99-46 fax: +34 91-141-20-25

Switzerland Sales & Engineering Office phone: +41-44-668-1800 fax: +41-44-668-1818

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Google may not thank us for this page - things can't get much worse anyway! Try typing STAMP DEMON in the search box and you'll see what we mean. Never mind, there are plenty of other Search Engines

N.B. All of the above telephone numbers were found on the Google website, by doing a Google search which is freely available to the General Public.

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