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Search Engines

Search Engines - There are more search engines than you might think and anyone who thinks that Google is the best needs their head testing! They might think they are the font of all knowledge, but are they really?

There is a popular expression "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!" This does not mean he is the best leader or person for the job, it means he has an advantage over the sightless as he has one eye! The same could be said for Google. They had the advantage, because in the beginning they had no real rivals. However, while other engines have improved they have been left behind. They may have added a few gimmicks, but the actual search has not improved, infact it has just got worse.

Enough said. We'll now show you that there is a diverse range of search engines to choose from, so don't let one search engine dominate the web - variety is the spice of life!

Yahoo! - Our personal favourite and at present Google's biggest rival - type in your browser

msn - Yet another main engine who tried to purchase Yahoo! - type in your browser - Formerly Ask Jeeves, a great search engine that goes on improving - type in your browser - A global Internet search engine offering a novel way to preview results and refine image, video and text searches. - type in your browser

picsearch - The family-friendly picture and image search - type in your browser

BearShare - A peer to peer file sharing programme that uses the Gnutella file sharing network - type in your browser

Goo - The fantastic Japanese search engine - type in your browser

Everyclick - Search the web with Everyclick and help charities raise money every time you click - type in your browser

Naver - The amazing Korean search engine - type in your browser

Gigablast - A powerful, new search engine that does real-time indexing - type in your browser

Winzy - Search engine where you can win free prizes, online gift vouchers, and cash. Every search on Winzy is a chance to win - type in your browser

myglobalsearch - Get fast results from leading search engines with one click! - type in your browser

Dogpile - Dogpile fetches and ranks results from multiple search engines, letting you search for key words, pictures, audio, video, news, or phone numbers - type in your browser

Altavista - Featuring web, image, audio and video, and news search for the UK - type in your browser

All The Web - Search engine which indexes web pages, as well as multimedia, audio, FTP, PDF, and MS Word files from around the world - type in your browser

Excite - Excite provides search, news, email, personals, portfolio tracking, and other services - type in your browser

mywebsearch - Get fast results from leading search engines with one click! - type in your browser

Lycos - Search engine for web content, as well as people, yellow pages, shopping, images, audio, and news - type in your browser


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