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Welcome to The One Account Mortgages Page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below:

The One Account Mortgages:

"We all have something we’d love to do ‘one day’, but for many people, everyday life and financial commitments just get in the way.

At The One account, we design our products to free you from the usual financial constraints, so you can focus on reaching your goals, and making your ‘one day’ happen sooner.

Although The One account launched the UK’s first current account mortgage only seven years ago, innovation isn’t new to us.

Because we’re part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, one of Europe’s leading financial services groups, we’ve got the benefit of nearly 300 years’ experience in helping customers find better ways to manage their money. And we’ll continue to build on this in the future – you can bank on it.

The One account puts all your money in one place - your mortgage, loans, savings and current account - helping you to:

Cut the overall cost of your mortgage: The money in your current account automatically reduces what you owe on your mortgage, saving you interest. This can add up to thousands over the lifetime of your mortgage.

Pay off your mortgage early: Any money left in your account automatically goes towards overpaying your mortgage.

Get a better return on your savings - with no tax to pay: By paying your savings into the One account you can use them to reduce your mortgage and save interest on a daily basis. And because it's interest saved rather than interest earned, there's no tax to pay.

Cut the cost of your personal loans and credit cards: You pay one mortgage-style interest rate for everything you borrow - no need for expensive loans and credit cards. "

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


The One Account Mortgages affiliate program was with OMG UK sadly, it has now finished. We hope they will start a new program again soon. In the meantime please look at other mortgage providers at this site.