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Premier Man Catalogue - A Customer Review

A customer testimonial of the Premier Man catalogue, the quality of its products and customer service. Read this review and then buy the products from their website - you won't be disappointed!

We first heard about Premier Man catalogue a few years ago. That was in the days before STAMP DEMON when owning our own website was just a dream! At that time I was working in Home Maintenance and wanted some combat trousers. My father-in-law asked me if I had seen the Premier Man Catalogue.

To be brutally honest, I'm an XL, not a pretend XL or a skinny boy XL, an XL. I get sick of going into shops, picking out an XL top and finding it's skin tight or taking a pair of trousers off the rail and only getting them halfway up my thighs or not being abble to zip them up over my fishing tackle. Therefore, I was a little reluctant at the prospect of buying from a catalogue without trying the items on.

However, I am pleased to say I needn't have worried - Premier Man really know about menswear! You buy an item of clothing from Premier Man and it will be in your size. However, it doesn't stop there, they will even have your size if you are a 5XL, you won't find that sort of sizing in your local Department Stores.

The items arrive, if they're wrong you send them back. I have never had an item that was faulty, it's normally my fault for choosing the wrong colour! There are never any questions, providing you return their products in the condition they were received. Any problems, there is always a friendly voice at customer services.

Therefore, we are happy to recommend Premier Man. The choice is yours, but we think they are worth a try - be honest with yourself if you're an XL don't order a Large and if you have a 40" waist, don't order a 36"!

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