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A comprehensive guide to what catalogues are available online. The best catalogues the UK and USA has to offer. Before the internet, catalogues were either handed out, sent through the post or tucked into your daily newspaper. These catalogues were largely grouped under the title of Mail Order.

In the ever changing world of retail sales, there have been some interesting changes, some of these changes have involved catlogues. Certain retailers have now decided to publish catalogues, others have ceased mail order activity. Some mail order catalogue companies now have stores, one store now only exists as a catalogue and finally, the odd catalogue company has remained the same. Confused? It is best to explain these changes by providing you with some examples.

An example of a retailer who now publishes a catalogue is Tesco. You can now order online from the Tesco Direct Catalogue.

Maplin Electronics Catalogue, now have stores on the high street. There's one in our local City Of Lincoln!

We will never forget the sad tale of Woolworths and how they were nobbled by the bank! Shop Direct, must have thought the same as they bought and that means you can now still buy from Woolworths online.

Whereas, catalogue companies such as J D Williams keep launching new catalogues which exist both on and offline.

Well I hope that's put you in the picture, we love catalogues at STAMP DEMON, they're one of the reasons we've kept going. Have a browse through the links below and when you've done, you might want to take a glance at our Site Index to see what else you can find.

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