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Affiliate Marketing Explained

STAMP DEMON would not be able to run without the aid of Affiliate Marketing Companies. The Commission paid by their Merchants covers a site's overheads and also puts money in the bank.

A simple explanation of the Internet Affiliate Marketing Strategy can be seen below:

A company called ZX22FISH want to get more sales through their internet site. They therefore approach or are approached by an affiliate Marketing Company.

The Affiliate Marketing Company charge ZX22FISH a fee for finding them a group of Affiliates who run web sites.

The Affiliate Marketing Company then persuade the web sites to place links to ZX22FISH from their individual sites.

In return the Merchant ZX22FISH agree with the Affiliate Marketing Company to pay the individual web sites a Commission Fee. This Fee is for sales generated by the customers who used the links on the individual sites and who then made a purchase.

These sales are tracked by codes unique to each site that places a link to ZX22FISH.

The benefit is that the consumer does not directly pay for Commision Payment. The fee is often covered by ZX22FISH in the margin between trade purchases and retail sales, by the retailer.

N.B ZX22FISH is an entirely ficticious company!

It is important to note that this is an ideal model of how the system should work. Life is NOT always a bed of roses and for one reason or another things can sometimes go wrong.

The simplest way to join, is to click on each of our affiliate company links and see what they have to offer.

Click here for a list of Affiliate Marketing Companies.