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WWF Membership

Welcome to the WWF World Wildlife Fund Membership page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

WWF Membership:

"What can your support for WWF really do?

3 could pay to plant one native tree seedling to help restore degraded orang-utan habitat in Borneo

10 could pay for an oil-spill clean-up kit for an Arctic volunteer in the Barents sea

25 could pay for a Bottlenose Dolphin Officer to give a talk to school children on the Scottish Hebridean islands

50 could pay to restore one hectare of grassland to increase numbers of tiger prey in Nepals Terai Arc Landscape

100 could fund 'good practice' fishing training for 20 Tanzanian fishermen, teaching less destructive fishing techniques, the need to protect the seas biodiversity, and ways to maintain healthy fish stocks whilst still improving yields.

By joining WWF you will be supporting their ground breaking conservation and environmental projects around the world. It takes people like you to make it happen.

By becoming a WWF member you will recieve a WWF Member's handbook, WWF's guide to green living and a pair of beautiful wildlife fridge magnets. You will also receive a copy of WWFs Action magazine three times a year containing inspirational features and photography and information on the latest conservation challenges and successes.

Join Today!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


WWF Membership affiliate program was with OMG UK. The program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Charities and Good Causes page.