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STAMP DEMON's Bookshop

Welcome to OUR Bookshop, unlike most bookshops all prices are negotiable! Visit us for used, old, antique and curious books. There will eventually be over 12,000 books listed. Infact, we are open to offers on all of the books. If you see something you like, contact us for a haggle.

Although this may look like a collection which has been thrown together, we will put it into perspective for you. WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT BOOKS WE HAVE GOT! The selection of books all came from a bookshop which was closing down. We obtained the lot, approximately 12,000 of them all boxed up. There may be some real gems in amongst them, but we really do not know. Infact, we know very little about book values and this means that you stand a really good chance of getting a bargain.

At this point it seems only fair to set a few ground rules. The minimum P&P charge for despatching any book is 1.00.

We really would prefer you not to place any orders of less than 5.00, but this can be a combination purchase of more than one book.

All of the books vary in condition, as they were obtained as a job lot. If you would like to know more about a book email us and we will describe it. ONLY in the case of books which both parties agree are VALUABLE, will we send photos via email. For example, books which BOTH parties agree will sell for 5.00 or over. The reason for this is simple, STAMP DEMON's Bookshop is to be an additional income for this site and not the main one. Therefore, we will place a limit on the amount of time we spend on it - Bear with us we will reply to all of your enquiries eventually!

When books are bought they will be removed when each NEW ISSUE is launched. Therefore, get in quick to bag a bargain.

Help to support this site add us to your favourites list and visit us regularly, with each new issue we will add more books!

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If you have any questions or would like to make us an offer we can't refuse, click on the link below.

To e-mail us, click here