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Not Us!

Not Us is a ridiculous page that we have had to create because Google cannot get it into their heads. More accurately, someone at Google has decided to exclude us from our own search!

Visit any genuine search engine, not Google's disciples, such as Orange, et al. and you can search for Stamp Demon. You will find our website at the top of the list. Not difficult really as their are over 800 pages to spider! And yet, visit Google and you will get a different result.

To spell it out for them, let's clean up their search: (Bear in mind these results are for 2008/08/19 and will no doubt be different tomorrow or in five minutes, as Google has no stability!)

In at number 1 is our good friend Zyra! The mystery of Stamp Demon explains Zyra's puzzlement over the current Google stance.

Number 2 sees more good work from Zyra! Scredington Post Office is a good plug about Stamp Demon HQ!

Position 3 has now been removed!!

Slot number 4 belongs to site that steals all of their information from Alexa! Arena Living (Gone, but we're still here!) appear to have improved and no longer blatantly take information from Alexa. However, they make a pretty poor attempt at being a directory and seem to have secured this position by running Google Ads!

At 5 it's another! Tony Clayton's Home Page is a site about stamps and the domain happens to have the word demon in it - good grief!

The 6th position is the home page of one of our link partners! All Stamps - have they been given this position because they link to us - who knows!

7th position is the link page of All Stamps! All Stamps link page - where we are mentioned at least, so slightly better!

8 sees our Statcounter report! Statcounter this is our reporting system for front page hits. However, is this more relevant than our own front page?

The number 9 search is MPE - MicroProcessor Engineering Limited? MicroProcessor Engineering Limited WHy on earth this is included we don't know, but they do mention the word stamp in their front page text - wow!

Last and probably least we have Chinese Kunoichi? Chinese Kunoichi Look they mention both of the words - stamp and demon! Fantastic - not!!

Have we finally covinced you how rubbish Google really are? Where are we? page 4 or 5!

If you know someone at Google HQ, do us a favour and pass this information on:


Shortened URL:

Full URL:

Enough said!

If you still haven't got the message Google, please click on the link below: