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Freedom of Speech

At STAMP DEMON we would like to exercise our right to freedom of speech.

We are not a bunch of - anarchists, hooligans, vagabonds, churls, bounders, right-wingers, left-wingers, cads, blackguards, hard-liners, racists, guttersnipes or other groups that have been missed from this list. All we wish to do is pass comment on the subjects we write about.

Politicians, newspapers, broadcasters and the like, all do this on a daily basis, so why can't we?

If we do not like something then we will say we don't! It is our website and we do not like having words put into our mouths.

N.B. At this point we would like to point out to our prospective merchants that this does not mean that we will VERBALLY SCATHE YOU. All we ask is that you allow us to write a small intro paragraph on your dedicated page. This can only be beneficial for you, as it shows we are not you, pretending to be you or directly quoting you! Your text will be placed in inverted commas to distinguish between our comments and yours.

If we know someone who has had excellent service from a company then we will publish this as a public recommendation. We are on your side be fair to us and we will be fair to you!

Thank you for reading this, if it was a little involved we apologise - we're quite nice really once you get to know us!