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Welcome to the BEAR GRYLLS web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.


"Bear is a man who has always loved adventure.

After breaking his back in three places in a parachuting accident, he fought his way to recovery, and two years later entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest briton to climb Mount Everest aged only 23. He has since led ground-breaking expeditions across the world.

But for Bear, it is not just about pushing the limits. It's about overcoming challenges, and living your dreams. This belief, and Bear's gift for communication, have led him to become a world class motivational speaker, author and tv host. His passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors are now shared and enjoyed through his TV programmes in over 100 different countries around the world.

By combining his adventures with media work, Bear realised that he could support and raise money for those causes closest to his heart. These have included charities that encourage young people to overcome some of life's biggest challenges, many different children's organisations, as well as the Armed Forces charity SSAFA Forces help, reflecting his own military service with the UK Special Forces as part of 21 SAS.

So what happens if youíre climbing up a 100ft tree and your foot slips? In fact letís make it more interesting. Letís say the treeís hanging over the Amazon River and its rushing torrents are ready to flush you down some class 5 rapids. But then it gets worse. A tree limb rips through your cargos. As it skewers you like a kebab, leaving you suspended upside down, you think, 'This is no minor wardrobe hiccup.' As you hang by the threads of some serious danger pants, you remember that youíre Bear Grylls. Youíre the survival dynamo and host of the Discovery Channelís Man Vs Wild. With a quick whip and snip of your pocket knife, you cut yourself free, swing onto a branch and survive. But barely. And as it turns out, bare-legged.

This sort of inconvenience has happened one too many times for Bear. After trying for years to find the best adventure-wear, he asked us to partner with him to create a range of survival clothing designed exclusively for the sort of missions he undertakes. And with the level of abuse his globetrotting antics produce each year, Bear needed to find a company thatís been there and done it all before. As the UKís top high-performance clothing company, weíve been making stubbornly sturdy stuff since 1965. Bear passed our test. Fortunately, we passed his as well.

The partnership works because we both have similar goals. Weíre both obsessive in our desire not only to design and develop but also to ethically produce the most technically superior, high-performance gear in the world. So how does it all work? When the prototype gear is ready, Bear and his team go out and destroy the entire range. Or at least they try.

Every drawcord, button and zip is tested and roved. And if a shirt or jacket doesnít pass the Bear test it gets overhauled until it works - when you need it, when it matters. We consider every possible weather condition. If the sunís scorching rays are causing problems, our SolarDry fabric and collars will protect you and keep you cool.

If youíre trekking through the jungle all day where u get completely soaked, just strip ff and kick back. Your kit will all dry in a few nanoseconds. And last but not least, when the adrenaline rush is over and youíre having that all important wind-down beer; letís not forget that the clothes also look pretty darn hot."

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